The API documentation of the MuiThemeProvider React component.

This component takes a theme property. It makes the theme available down the React tree thanks to React context. This component should preferably be used at the root of your component tree.


Name Type Default Description
childrenĀ * node You can wrap a node.
disableStylesGeneration bool You can disable the generation of the styles with this option. It can be useful when traversing the React tree outside of the HTML rendering step on the server. Let's say you are using react-apollo to extract all the queries made by the interface server side. You can significantly speed up the traversal with this property.
sheetsManager object The sheetsManager is used to deduplicate style sheet injection in the page. It's deduplicating using the (theme, styles) couple. On the server, you should provide a new instance for each request.
themeĀ * union: object |
A theme object.

Any other properties supplied will be spread to the root element (native element).