The following is a list of some of the public apps using Material-UI.

Want to add your app? Found an app that no longer works or no longer uses Material-UI? Please submit a pull request on GitHub to update this page!

Posters Galore

The admin of an imaginary poster shop, used as a demo for the react-admin framework. Uses many material-ui components, including tables, forms, snackbars, buttons, and theming. The UI is responsive. The code is open-source!


Free servers monitoring solution which can track any output of any command and do automated action. By default it tracks average load, CPU, HDD, RAM and sends email when something is going wrong.


A platform for individuals and businesses to find and book the perfect venue for any event.

Local Insights

A real estate data provider that aggregates and analyzes property records, permits, and tax documents.


A pioneering Muslim Fashion e-commerce site.

Johnny Metrics

Upload your trades, and analyze your crypto portfolio.

Team SC

The site of a cognitive neuroscience research group, with a carefully designed interface and animation.

npm registry browser

A web app that lets you search the npm registry and browse packages details.


SlidesUp is a platform to help conference organizers plan their events.

Builder Book

Open source web app to write and host documentation or sell books. Built with React, Material-UI, Next, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB.


A safe and easy-to-use person-to-person platform to allow anyone to trade their local currency for Monero, anywhere.

Cryptoverview: A friendly Dashboard for your cryptocurrency portfolio

Cryptoverview is a responsive webapp that displays a user's Bittrex portfolio, trending currencies and market caps. It provides some fancy charts, news related to cryptocurrencies, and more. (demo:demo)

Mantic Transparence

An Open Data tool showing financial and demographic data for all the towns in France (in French).


A tool for controlling the meeting time.

Modole Language Exchange

Web app that allows users to write in the language they're learning and have it corrected by native speakers.


Modular audio production suite with multi-track audio mixing, audio effects, parameter automation, MIDI editing, synthesis, cloud production, and more.

Rung - Exceptionality Management

Rung alerts you about the exceptionalities of your personal and professional life.


A free brand management software for the Google Suite.

Snippets Chrome Extension

A Chrome extension allowing you to import and execute JavaScript code snippets from GitHub.

Componofy: Spotify Playlist Combination

A web app that allows a Spotify user to combine private and public playlists and either create a new one or merge with existing playlist. You can also reorder your playlist tracks and upload new playlist cover images.


Planalyze is a real-time daily planning & task tracking tool that keeps teams connected & ahead of each day's workload.

Material Blog

A blog with a UI built entirely using material-ui v1. Check out the theming page, which leverages `MuiThemeProvider` to allow for live theme changes.


A web app built with Material UI v1 and Firebase that offers the user news and events of his interest.


The personal website of a React and Blockchain developer. The code is open-source.